Discord: This Friday English One Shot: Incident at Bale's Ford --> 2-3 seats open!

Since "Im Namen der Königin" is not happening this Friday, I will be offering a D&D One shot in English:

Incident at Bale's Ford

Your characters are employed by an order of a new and not-widely followed faith. Your daily routine guarding holy sites, missionaries or tithe money is interrupted by an acolyte who bears news of an attack on your most famous champion. You are sent to his aid, and to discover the source of this deadly threat.

We need 10-14 total party levels for this one shot. If we get 4 players, you will be making 3rd level D&D characters. If 3, then level 4. Please be ready for either. I recommend https://fastcharacter.com if you don't want to worry too much about your character for a Oneshot. Appropriate Races are Human, Dwarven, Elven, Halfling. Any Classes/Subclasses from PHB, Xanathars / Tashas are appropriate. If playing a Cleric of the church though, appropriate Domains are Knowledge, Life, Light, Nature, Order, Peace, or Twilight. Your characters should have a reason to be working for the Church, but keep backstories light, it's a oneshot.

Cutoff for signup is Weds. 6th January. Priority is given to players from "Im Namen der Königin", but we still need 2-3 other folks! Please post participation here, and I will confirm. Then we can start a conversation where we can post characters. If English isn't a great language for you, we can switch to German on the night if needed.

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  • I guess, the church want's Ferret to actually earn his medieval welfare and daily free meals, and to stop to live solely on his former deed as folk hero.

    Ferret (whos name is actually Ferrit Goody, but everyone mishears it - maybe intentionally) has brought a corrupt city official to justice and after that has done one or two investigation jobs for the low paying common people.

    But sadly, he is actually not that good with social interactions and because of that most people like him at a distance.

    In game terms, Ferret is a Human Folk Hero Ranger 2 / Rogue 1 with a focus in investigation, insight and perception. He's neutral good with a tendency of being lawful (aka "bend the rules but don't break them") and is against killing (except for food or if there is really, really no other option). His flaws are his somewhat frail health, inablility to lie, and his disinterest in the feelings of others. (But he is actually quite good with animals. ;) )

  • that's super awesome. :)