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Underdying Discord Spielrunde

Am 2.5. um 2000 biete ich bei uns im Discord das Spiel "Undying" an. Undying ist ein würfelloses ttrpg in dem man Jäger der Nacht, Vampire, spielt. Hier die Selbstbeschreibung vom Spiel selber.

"You are a predator: a vampire who stalks human prey in the night, feasting on their blood.

Blood is life. It’s eating, drinking, breathing, and fucking, all wrapped up in one little, crimson drop. Your thirst for blood is blinding and drinking it – that’s ecstasy. Feeding from prey isn’t just sucking on a juice box; it’s going to a fine restaurant.

You will go to any length to feed. The craving to do so is ever-present. Even when you swallow your fill of blood, the devil whispers in your ear, tempting you to drink more. Go hungry and the beast takes over. The beast is the relentless beating in your lifeless heart; it craves excess, cruelty, and destruction. When the beast wins, you lose your free will and devolve into a mindless monster. Your humanity – your connection to what it means to be human – is the only thing that holds the beast at bay, and it is a flickering flame in the windswept darkness. Between feast and famine, restraint and recklessness, a predator’s unlife offers more than an eternal, blood-junkie existence. Immortality is the reward that awaits a predator who can balance on the knife edge.

Predators are the apex: the union of man’s scheming ingenuity and beast’s instinctive ferocity. Though man and lesser creatures are sheep to the wolf, the wolf is among a pack of wolves. And in this pack, the most cunning and ruthless is the alpha. All predators envy that power and prestige. They nip at each other nightly, fighting over the scraps. Each hopes to one night rule the pack. Thus, from the greatest predator to the least, all are embroiled in a ceaseless conflict of intrigue and bloodshed.

This is what it means to be a predator. This is Undying.

Undying is a diceless roleplaying game about vampirism.

Undying features player and game master (GM for short) roles. Players take on the roles of deadly, scheming predators, known as player characters (PCs for short). The GM takes the role of game organizer and storytelling arbiter, and describes a rich world full of sex, violence, and horror.

Game play revolves around brief periods of intense conflict, where old rivalries and new slights spark an inferno, and long stretches of intrigue, where intricate plots are set in motion. In this crucible, you experience conflict, desperation, and opportunity. You will bear witness to how these conflicts changes you, for better or worse. The focus in these moments is on passionate action and drama. Then, the long years unfold and selfish aims ferment. Plotting and scheming over long periods of relative calm are summarized so that the narrative focuses on decisive events across the gulf of time.

Will you rise up to topple the old guard, becoming every bit as ruthless as your predecessors?"

In diesem Spiel ist recht viel frei, bis auf die Assoziationen, die weiter oben stehen. Insofern werden Setting, Charaktere und Aufhänger von uns vor Ort selber ausgedacht. Ich würde mich freuen und bis dann.


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