"Where's your Big Hero now?" A D&D 5E One shot in English for Gratis Rollenspiele Days

The farming village of Pearwine has had it good. For decades it relied on big brother Zoov, a friendly giant from the next valley over, to come to its rescue whenever it was in danger. Zoov has scared off bandits, helped build the mill and council hall, and slain ferocious beasts whenever the village has lit their warning lanterns to call him. Yet, for the last few weeks Pearwine farmers have been living in fear, with strange occurences and terrifying monster encounters becoming constant. So, the village has lit their lantern again and hoped for help from their protector once more. To their surprise and horror their savior has not appeared. They are starting to think they might have to deal with their fears themselves for once. Join us to find out if some littler heros can be found who together can find out what happened to their old friend and save their village.

This is straightforward D&D homebrew adventure one-shot. It will be played on Roll20, with voice chat. If needed we will move to Discord for better voice quality. It would be good to have an account on each of those platforms in case we need to move.

Pregenerated characters will be provided to save play time. If you have a character concept and can enter it yourself into Roll20 beforehand, you may make your own character using sources from the Player's Handbook (yeah, we're keeping it simple) and ask me for access to the game ahead of time to copy in your stats. Your character should be from the Village of Pearwine, or be a visitor who wants to help the inhabitants deal with their problems. We will be testing the Luck System from the Black Flag playtest packet #2 (see Attached) instead of the standard 5E DM Inspiration.

Please use the signup on this page to indicate your interest in playing. If we get 3 players, we will play, any fewer, and we will cancel.

We are full up tomorrow night after recruiting on Roll20 went particularly well.

Hope to see some Big damn heros next Friday!

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash


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