Rollenspiel & Comic Flohmark in Kreuzberg

Last minute, aber besser jetzt als nie! Und da es keine passende Alternative gibt habe ich als Veranstaltungstyp "Spielrunde anderer Ort" angegeben.

Once again, welcome travelers from near and far to the third installment of the Tabletop Roleplaying Game and Comic Flea Market hosted by your friendly neighborhood store!
My name is Jan. I run ALL THE PROBLEMS IN THIS WORLD. This time the Flea Market will take place in front of the shop on the vast pavement. There will be tables for you to present your English and/or German pen & paper and ttrpg books and zines, fantasy or scoff literature, dice, comics and related collectibles, which you want to sell. Because this time sellers have to sell themselves!

But there will be no admission or table charge!

If YOU ARE INTERESTED in selling something, please, drop by at the store, or send an email to or call 0176 80814092 and ask for P-R-O-B-L-E-M-S, or simply pop by on the day to drop your stuff! First come first served. You're also welcome to bring your own table, suitcase, or sell out of your coat.
Your friendly neighborhood store is located between the subway stations Südstern, Hallesches Tor, Gneisenauer Straße, Prinzenstraße and Mehringdamm and bus stations of the lines M41 and 248. There is a wide sidewalk with space to park your bicycle.
Feel most welcome to invite friends and like-minded.