UNLIMITED DUNGEON FEST (Game-Workshop & Dungeon Synth Live Concert)

The first UNLIMITED DUNGEON FEST is happening on the day of the one year All The Problems In This World store anniversary on 3rd April 2022 at Tennis Berlin, Reuterstr. 95, 12053 Berlin!

UNLIMITED DUNGEON FEST celebrates the diverse and adventurous culture of fantasy role-playing games!

Starting at 3PM with a game workshop, and closing the night with a dungeon synth/Berlin School live-set by Nattefrost starting at 9PM. Festival tickets are available at alltheproblemsinthisworld.com and limited to 30! But there is an extra 30 tickets for those who only want to wittness the Nattefrost live set. The concert tickets are available at alltheproblemsinthisworld.com too.

In case the event sells out part of the profit will be donated to @wir_packen_s_an to support refugees at the EU outer borders.

The Tabletop Role-Playing Game Workshop is inclusive and open for everyone who speaks fluent English, but especially aiming at those (groups or single people) who are curious and new to TTRPGs, and who would like to meet like-minded! If you are an experienced player, and desperately want to join, you are of course very welcome too, but be aware that you might be sitting next to a total newbie. Be kind and patient!

- At the game workshop you will meet experienced game-masters who welcome you at six open tables, each table representing another theme from classic fantasy, over sci-fi to queer and feminist.

- Each table has room for up to five players. There will be enough time to learn rules, create a character, and to play. Better come 30 minutes early so your group can start on time!

- All you need to bring is dice, pen and paper! 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20 sided dice will also be available on site at the All The Problems In This World merchandise table. And last but not least atmospheric and carefully chosen background music to enhance your game experience will be provided by yours truly until the live concert starts.

The second part of the UNLIMITED DUNGEON FEST is the Nattefrost live concert starting at 9PM. The first part of the set will be atmospheric dungeon synth, the second part up-beat Berlin School.

Dungeon synth is a genre of electronic music rooted in the 1990s that merges aesthetics of fantasy literature, black metal, Berlin School/Kosmische Musik and computer game soundtracks. Berlin School is a style of electronic music developed in the 1970s in Germany. Important artists are Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Michael Rother or Ash Ra Tempel.

Nattefrost will not perform covers, but songs of his own 16 albums long catalogue. His music will also be available on vinyl, cassette and CD at the All The Problems In This World table of merchandise!

Last but not least Healing Tales from Paris will join UNLIMITED DUNGEON FEST. Founded in 2018, @healingtales stands for the awakening of the fantasy universe. Healing Tales produces clothing and accessoires, magazines, novels and more while maximizing on quality, making their products particularly limited. The label borrows it’s aesthetics mainly from video games, specifically role-playing games, that evoke a strong feeling of nostalgia. Through careful curation, Healing Tales connects with highly talented up-and-coming-artists from around the world who share their passion for the fantasy genre.

Here's a link to the FB event to share with friends and like-minded: https://fb.me/e/3cLXayVIf

Please, come out to play!