HYPERTELLURIANS und andere neue Indie-RPGs

  • Mache hier mal lustig weiter. Mörk Borg und Vaesen sind immernoch nicht lieferbar, aber dafür habe ich jetzt HYPERTELLURIANS im Katalog und diverse neue Comics. Hier ein paar Reviews und ein Youtube-Quick Look:

    “Hypertellurians is an awesome […] fantasy sci-fi RPG inspired by classic pulp literature! […] This game has a great visual and a cinematic gameplay!“—Diogo Nogueira (Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells), Twitter

    “Top 10 RPGs of 2019 - 1.) Hypertellurians: Hypertellurians is the best RPG I’ve read this year. Full stop. It’s exceptionally well-written, well-grounded, thematic, fun to read, and beautifully laid-out and illustrated. It evokes all the great pulpy paperback covers I remember laying around houses when I was a kid (not my house, but houses we’d go to). It’s just peak 70s pulp science fantasy and I love everything about it here. I love this game and it’s now my go-to science fantasy game.“—Alan Bahr, alanbahr.net

  • City Comics

    Changed the title of the thread from “HYPERTELLURIANS und andere neue Comics” to “HYPERTELLURIANS und andere neue Indie-RPGs”.
  • Gestern eingetroffen, das Deathblow Sourcebook sowie Outworlder: "THE WORLD OF KRULL is dying. All across its lands, the Black Fortress appears — that Great Devourer of Planets. Sometimes in the mountains, sometimes in the desert . . . but never the same place twice. Within its depths rules The Beast — a wicked Outworlder from beyond Krull — and spilling forth are His army of Slayers to maraud & conquer. Smoke of burning villages now darkens the sky, and the cries of the dying echo through deserted valleys."